Dear colleagues & students,

We are finally in a position to implement a long considered plan to make positive environmental changes in our Foodcourt. Three years ago in conjunction with ATU Sligo’s Campus Green Council, we were all set to ban single use items such as disposable cups and containers but the Pandemic stopped us in our tracks.  We are however well prepared this time, so it’s full steam ahead and as from today we will start to roll out some changes:

Our plan is broadly based around 3 familiar Pillars and our aim is to eliminate 10,000 single use items per week;

  • Reduce waste – by eliminating as many single use items as possible including disposable cups by February 22nd!
  • Reuse – by asking everyone to use our mugs and crockery as substitutes for single use items3
  • Recycle – through reducing waste contamination and correctly categorising waste which will optimise recycling


This will mean:

  1. The phasing out of disposable cups by the 22nd of February and the introduction of Cups 2 Go (reusable cups which can be hired for €2)
  2. The removal of bins in our canteen to reduce contamination of recyclable material – we ask everyone to place all items on the tray trolleys instead which will then be appropriately sorted by trained staff.

Our staff have had training from Panda Waste Management and this has already had an impact. We are all looking forward to making this work, thereby playing our part and making a difference.

We are very much aware that to have a real impact, your support, cooperation and indeed your active encouragement will be key for us in making this happen. It is quite possible that some of the changes we will make, will create the need to change habits. We already realise that they will also require a change of our habits, here in our team in the Foodcourt.

Our ask is that we all work together and collaborate to make our space a better place. I am hoping that this mail and the changes you will notice to our signage in the Foodcourt, will give you the rationale and understanding of the journey we are on. We will also publish our progress for everyone to see on our new Mission Wall at the Foodcourt entrance and we will be giving regular updates through all ATU Social Media & Media platforms.

We are looking forward to working with you to make this a success.

Best regards,
Des & The Foodcourt Team